CRM & Sales

Customer Relationship Management - CRM allows you to track your best leads and opportunities. You can customize your sales cycle, control statistics and forecasts and setup marketing campaign automation to improve your sales performance

CRM Features

Trace Leads & Opportunities

Manage your sales team, sales funnel and track your best leads and opportunities up to the sales order

Plan Meetings & Phonecall

Follow-up your opportunities efficiently: Shared calendar of meetings, logs of calls, sales task etc.

Outlook & Thunderbird Plugins

Synchronize your emails with OpenERP CRM. Create new leads from outlook, zoom the customer or the document etc.

Follow Quotes & Sales Order

Convert opportunities to quotations in one click, convert the quote to a sale order and follow-up a sales(invoicing, deliveries, etc..)

Get Realtime Statistics

Get accurate forecasts with the OpenERP CRM business intelligence engine to analyze your sales activities.

Run Marketing Campaigns

OpenERP CRM allows you to automate your lead processing using marketing campaigns that automate emails or paper mails.

Acquire Leads

OpenERP CRM provides an email gateway, website integration forms and plugins to create leads automatically through web-services.

Be Mobile

OpenERP CRM's calendar is synchronize with iPhone, Ms Outlook or Android.