A team of highly qualified IT consultants that helps you aligning IT with your business.


We offer a unique combination of Business process consulting and Technology customization. We don't just implement technology, we use it to promote improved business habits after analyzing your operations and coming up with the best strategy to help you reach your goals.

Our consultants are invested in understanding your requirements, allowing us to tailor our approach to your specific needs and objectives. We will analyze your organization as an entire system, allowing us to find relationships between components and processes, cascading effects of decisions, and opportunities that may be hidden at department or management levels.


With a strength in Operations Research, Osoul consultants will help you:

● Model new systems before you invest in deployment
● Identify and drive cost savings
● Tailor approaches that optimize your important factors and goals you identify
● Make complex company systems transparent to decision makers
● Create decision support systems
● Optimize resource and project management
● Manage and automate inventory and manufacturing processes


The benefits to your organization include:

● A reduction in data entry and duplication of efforts
● One version of the truth - faster access to truly accurate information
● A reduction in operation costs - including inventory costs
● An increase in efficiency and productivity
● Forward looking management - plan better, react faster